Gavin Dando Photography is about telling a story.

Whether that is the story of a corporate event, of a company's expansion into new products and services, new premises, an exciting development such as an awards occasion, or a new marketing campaign, the same principle applies: you want people to engage with your story.

As a PR, Marketing and Commercial Photography specialist, I know that no two clients are the same. I take the time to listen to my clients, to find out what they are about and to understand what they want to achieve in their photography.

Gavin Dando Photography has been established since 1999. My experience has taught me to seek out the best angles and vantage points in order to achieve the best results. Wherever possible, I carry out a pre-shoot reconnoitre to enable me to plan a smooth and creative shoot.

I love every job I go to, because each one presents a new challenge to my creativity and versatility.
Working around the client's schedule and needs is at the core of my method of working. Much of my work involves photographing people, and I am able to convey what those people are about, whether as individuals or as a part of an organisation and therefore part of the wider branding of that company.

I am based in the vibrant city of Cardiff, although I work in a number of locations in the U.K. and Europe. If you need people to engage with your story, get in touch!
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